The GLAM Exhibit


The GLAM Exhibit



Mondrian's Iconic Magic Box

The Glam Exhibit

Artlounge Collective and Mondrian Los Angeles present GLAM in the Magic Box Exhibit, on view through April 2024. This showcase of local, figurative artists displays a variety of use in form, highlighting the human experience through a mastery of light and paint.


Kevin McCants

Kevin L. McCants is an African American Painter, Teacher, Musician. Kevin uses mannequins to represent the faceless appearance of human desire, need, and social disconnect without the baggage of specific human personality.


Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson is an artist interested in contrast; innocence and corruption, the infinite and the finite, past and future, good and evil. He is fascinated by how meanings can change depending on an array of point of views that ultimately come with the human condition.


David Jster

David Jester loves painting his subjects in pools. He believes they are metaphor rich environments, they are worlds that exist next to and are a part of the broader world, much like the gay community is a subset of society.


Kayla Griffin

Kayla’s works explore the traditional notions of surrealism. She aims to position herself between surrealism and psychic automatism from her subconscious by exploring emotive figures, musical brush strokes, and subconcious messaging.


Delaney Watkins

Delaney Watkins is a self-taught young artist who has been immersed in the world of art for as long as she can remember. Delaney finds joy in bringing her vivid imagination to life on canvas, consistently pushing the boundaries of her mind’s eye.


Artlounge Collective

Artlounge Collective partners with the best of today’s taste-makers to source one-of-a-kind and creative works of art ready for display at home. Artlounge artists produce a wide range of contemporary art curated at accessible price points for the US American market. All artworks are available for purchase at

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