Blind Spot Signature Cocktails

Blind Spot Signature Cocktails

Six new Blind Spot Signature Cocktails with a richer taste and flavor.

Whether you are a coffee-holic or tea drinker, Blind Spot has got you covered with our six new signature cocktails! Taste our coffee/tea based cocktails that will stimulate your palate

coffee cocktail

Coffee-based Creations

  • Café Vanilla
    Homemade Vanilla Bean Syrup | Espresso |  Vodka | Coffee Liqueur
  • La Cream de Latte
    Espresso Iced Ball | Condensed Milk | Fresh Cream | Cake Vodka | Coffee Liqueur
  • Coffee Fashioned
    Butter Washed Dark Rum | Italian Bitter | Homemade Espresso Syrup

Tea-based Creations

  • Green Bliss
    Matcha Green Tea | Irish Whiskey | Peach Liqueur | Lemon Juice | Soda Water
  • Blooming Bouquet
    Hibiscus Infused Vodka | Rose Wine | Rose Syrup | Lemon Juice | Soda Water
  • Have a Grey Time
    Earl Grey Infused Gin | Homemade Earl Grey Syrup | Yellow Chartreuse | Vermouth Bianco